Impact and Partnerships

To amplify impact and awareness, the Miller Center leverages expertise from strategic partnerships in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, homeland security, community relations, and academia.

Miller Center for Policing Excellence and Community Resilience Process

  • The mission is achieved through individualized site assessments of a given community’s situation and security needs, then adjusting deliverables to meet those needs.
  • The work performed is tailored to the needs of the individual communities.
  • Site assessments are only performed after an invitation from either a vulnerable community, a government entity, or both.

Deliverables have included:

  • Conducting research in the form of extensive interviews
  • Developing and implementing training based on that research
  • Sharing best practices identified from other sites
  • Introducing similarly situated officials from different sites to share common challenges and develop common approaches
  • Engaging in follow-up visits and programming
  • Exposing select officials and community members to the history of the Holocaust and genocide prevention efforts through strategic partnerships, most notably with the International March of the Living


Jewish Communities

  • Evaluated best security practices for Jewish communities throughout Europe, including Paris, London, Brussels, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Malmo, Stockholm.
  • Presented aspects of direct assistance at FBI Headquarters in July 2015 and June 2019, Egmont Institute in Brussels in November 2016, University of Ottowa in October 2018.



  • Embedded with Jewish community in Paris during ISIS terror attack on kosher grocery and Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015.
  • Rutgers team experienced first-hand the Paris Jewish community’s security protocols in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.



United Kingdom

  • Project in a West Midlands municipality in the United Kingdom. Original industrial revolution city (Wedgwood China) with large Brexit population and also a Muslim population led by Islamists.
  • Partnership with Staffordshire University.
  • Videotaped interviews, training under development, as well as monograph.
  • Visit to  Brussels with Miller Center workshop veterans


  • Chicago — advice to Interfaith Council in wake of 1,000 shootings, city upheaval


International March of the Living (MOTL)

Network Contagion Research Institute

Stockton University

Homeland Security Advisory Council